COVID-19: Showrooms now open by appointment - click for details
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COVID-19: Showrooms Now Open By Appointment

We are please to announce that our showrooms in both Nettlebed, Oxfordshire and King's Road, London are now open by appointment.

Our Nettlebed showrooms have been established for 40 years and its 36 rooms of attractive and inspirational displays make it the country’s leading source of classical furniture. The showroom’s substantial size combined with scheduled appointments makes us well-placed to provide a safe environment to browse and discuss your furnishing requirements.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of our visitors and staff is imperative so we have implemented strict hygiene procedures which include temperature checks, regular sanitisation, face masks and anti-bacterial gel for all visitors. Stringent measures are also in place with our delivery team meaning we are able to deliver safely and promptly whilst also offering our much-loved Home Approval Service.

To book your showroom or home approval appointment, or for expert advice regarding our unrivalled selection of stock, please call 01491 641115

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Henry Stamp, Director

N.B. We are booking appointments to our London showroom from 15th June onwards.


Visiting our Showrooms

Visits will be limited to one appointment at per booking slot to give our clients confidence and peace of mind to browse our extensive showrooms with ease. The main front door is the only entry and exit point for visitors where there is a station with antibacterial gel and face masks. All visitors will have their temperature checked and asked to use the provided antibacterial hand-gel.  Masks will be worn by our staff members during appointments and they are readily available for visitors to also use.

Anti-bacterial gel is available on every consultant's desk throughout the showrooms but visitors will also be shown designated bathrooms on arrival. These bathrooms are sanitised after each appointment visit.

All staff will be made aware of appointments to maintain appropriate social distancing.

We will offer our usual tea and coffee hospitality. All dinnerware and cutlery is washed on a high temperature setting and gloves worn by staff during preparation.



Our vehicles are sanitised daily and carry the following hygiene equipment:

  • Masks – worn by delivery staff during deliveries
  • Gloves – worn by delivery staff during deliveries
  • Shoe covers – worn by delivery staff during deliveries
  • Antibacterial gel – used regularly thr.
  • Disinfectant wipes - All furniture is disinfected on loading and again upon unloading to the destination.
  • Disinfectant spray (1 cap Dettol to 1 litre water) sprayed on delivery staff clothing following each delivery.

Soft furnishings will be covered from loading to being placed in situ. The covers will then be discarded by our delivery team.


In-House procedures

Temperature checks

A designated member of staff will check and log the temperature of every staff member on arrival.

The coronavirus can remain active and transmissible on fabrics so all staff will spray themselves with a provided disinfectant spray on arrival to the showooms. This is either a Dettol commercial spray, or a mix of 1 cap of Dettol to 1 litre of water via a manual hand sprayer.

Masks are plentiful and available to staff and visitors at any time. Staff will always wear masks when communicating with visitors or when social distancing is difficult.

Hand washing
We encourage more regular hand washing for a minimum of 20 seconds in the facilities provided. Hand soap and towels will always be available at all wash basins throughout the premises.

Antibacterial gel
Antibacterial gel is provided on every desk and in every vehicle.

Desk areas
All staff are to maintain 2 metres distancing and 2 metre distance markers must be fixed to the floor in front of all desks normally occupied by staff. The area between the desk and the marker must be sprayed daily with disinfectant. And the desk surface disinfected with antibacterial wipes. Staff members WILL NOT share writing pens with other staff members or visitors.

Communal areas
The following areas are disinfected on a daily basis:

  • Staircase banisters
  • Toilets/ Bathrooms (with visitor bathrooms disinfected after each appointment)
  • Washing facilities
  • Door handles
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