COVID-19 – Whilst our retail showrooms are closed to follow Government guidelines, we will continue to provide a high quality personal service to all our clients. You will be able to reach us on 01491 641115 to discuss any ongoing orders or new orders and the bespoke furniture and room design team will continue to work as normal. Deliveries can continue to take place following the social distancing policy and health and safety recommendations. The well being of our staff and clients is important and we have introduced strict hygiene procedures into our already meticulous cleaning regime. Warehouses and company vehicles are disinfected daily, anti-bacterial gel and face masks readily available.

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An authentic model, steeped in history, this nostalgic replica of the iconic BB Korn car of the 1930s is a guaranteed conversation starter and will add character to any table top display. The original BB Korn model race cars were a part of the thrilling ‘spindizzies’ trend of the 1930s. These miniature cars raced on wooden tracks and earned their nickname for the speeds at which enthusiasts would have to spin their heads around to watch them go. Our beautifully hand-scuplted aluminium model stays true to the original design.

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