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Inspired by an important original sofa, the design has been ever so slightly adapted to meet the demands of current day comfort levels. Only authentic natural materials, such as cotton, hessian and rubberised horse hair are traditionally upholstered over a hand made solid beech frame - dowelled, screwed and glued for strength.

Individual steel coil springs in both seat and back, each spring hand sewn with hessian pockets supported by the natural hair and rubber, further supported by a 100% cotton lining. The hand made and polished mahogany show wood base is removable for access. Brass nailing entirely hand studded to the face.

W D H Excluding FabricBand 1Band 2Band 3Band 4Band 5Band 6Band 7Band 8Band 9Band 10Band 11Band 12
3 seat sofa 204 cm 82 cm 96 cm £3,825£4,185£4,329£4,473£4,617£4,761£4,905£5,049£5,193£5,337£5,481£5,625£5,769
2.5 seat sofa 182 cm 82 cm 96 cm £3,585£3,923£4,058£4,193£4,328£4,463£4,598£4,733£4,868£5,003£5,138£5,273£5,408
2 seat sofa 160 cm 82 cm 96 cm £3,345£3,660£3,786£3,786£4,038£4,164£4,290£4,416£4,542£4,668£4,794£4,920£5,046
Chair 85 cm 82 cm 96 cm £2,865£3,090£3,180£3,270£3,360£3,450£3,540£3,630£3,720£3,810£3,900£3,990£4,080
3 seater
2.5 seater
2 seater
Choice of nail finish
Choice of nail finish
Polished brass
Choice of nail finish
Polished nickel
Choice of nail finish
Antique brass
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Supply your own fabric
Supply your own fabric
We understand our customers may have existing fabrics they wish to match.  We are able to source the majority of branded fabrics but welcome supplied materials.  Supplied fabric must be suitable for upholstery use and comply with fire safety regulations. Some fabrics may require the use of an interliner which is charged at £12 per metre of fabric used.  Crib 5 treatment for contract use is available but please note that some fabrics may only be recommended for domestic use.
Hundreds of fabrics
Hundreds of fabrics
We offer some of the finest fabrics incorporating traditional tastes to contemporary twists on classic upholstery designs.  Fabrics can be applied to any model to create a truly bespoke item of soft furnishing. Due to the extensive selection, our full fabric collection can only be viewed in the showrooms.  Alternatively, we can discuss your preferences to post samples or bring a selection of books on our home approval service.  Our banded fabrics comply to British fire regulations and are specifically rub tested for upholstery use.SamplesThere is no charge for standard fabric samples and large returnable samples are available for the majority of fabrics.
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