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Filing Cabinets

The secret of an organised office is in the quality and accessibility of files and other important paperwork.  With the right storage in place and the right operations, your documents can be stored efficiently and safely, providing easy access to your files.

Filing cabinets carry a capacity of around 30Kg per drawer providing enough space to file away those important A4 documents. The cabinets are also lockable.
The vertical filing cabinet essentially as in use nowadays was created n 1898. This was a vertical filing system that completely changed record-keeping. Before, firms stored documents in envelopes in turn placed in arrays of pigeonholes usually lining a wall. Acquiring and opening envelopes and unfolding documents was difficult and unproductive. 

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A mahogany and rosewood crossbanded Wellington chest

A mahogany and rosewood crossbanded Wellington chest

Dorchester filing cabinet

Dorchester filing cabinet

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