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A specially commissioned reproduction oil painting on canvas by artist Liu Yingjie. For more information about Yingjie please see the additional information section below.

Interpretation of Silver Favourites by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. The original, about 1903, hangs at the Manchester City Galleries and has a verse on the frame from Wordsworth's poem Gold and Silver Fishes in a Vase. He wonders what captive life must be like for the fish yet cannot help taking pleasure in their loveliness. The women trapped; in this painting are admired by the viewer for their beauty and, like the fish, seem indolent and slightly bored. Alma-Tadema's paintings were extremely popular. He chose scenes of everyday life in Ancient Rome which people could relate to easily. He carefully researched all the antique detail so the paintings remained highbrow in intent although some critics still criticised his Victorians in togas.

Our artist Liu Yingjie was born in Quanzhou, Fujian Province of China in 1971. Yingjie had a particular fondness for painting throughout his childhood. After studying at the Fujian Academy of Fine Arts, Liu regularly participated in National and Provincial art exhibitions winning several awards with his paintings being purchased by Western collectors.

Yingjie has been involved as an artist for more than 20 years and is regarded as a master of colouration, tone and technique. In 1997 his creative painting Homeward was entered into the famous Return Of Hong Kong Youth Oil Painting Exhibition. In 2004 a creative oil painting named Village of Love won an award at the Fujian Art Exhibition. In 2008 Dream Home achieved an award of excellence at the Art Exhibition of National Art and Yingjie also joined the Shenzhen Art Association. In 2009 Yingie became a member of the Beijing Fengtai Fine Art Association and he is now a standing member of the Chinese Fine Arts Association.

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