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Theodore Alexander Furniture

Theodore Alexander Furniture

Brights Of Nettlebed are the UK distributor of hand crafted furniture by Theodore Alexander - one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of ultimate quality classically inspired furniture. Their comprehensive collections consist of several thousand designs of eclectic, traditional, transitional and modern furniture which cater to a diverse global market. Theodore Alexander has become eminent in its field – renowned as a unique brand embodying quality and design. Quality is paramount in the furniture they produce, and they strive for perfection in every piece – aiming to create truly stunning items which will last for generations.

Theodore Alexander was started in 1996 by Paul Maitland Smith, an industry legend who has pioneered high end furniture production in South East Asia for over 25 years. The company now has a truly global reach, with distributors all over the world.

Theodore Alexander Philosophy

Shaped by English heritage, Theodore Alexander handcrafts furniture and accessories for the home with uncompromising quality. They believe in using the most interesting materials for both function and beauty. Some of these materials include exotic woods such as Karelian Birch (a favourite of the Russian Tsars) and semi precious stones like Jade and Lapis Lazuli.

Hand Made Furniture

Every process and detail of their furniture, from a carved chair leg to a table finish or inlay, is executed by hand. All surfaces of their furniture are prepared, sanded and finished – even the areas that are not always visible. This includes undersides, backs and insides of drawer boxes among others.

Theodore Alexander believe that the person who owns a piece of their furniture should take comfort in knowing the item can be viewed from any side and that the piece has been made using a time-honoured, handcrafted method that is the true mark of high quality.

A Commitment to People and the Environment

Theodore Alexander takes its corporate responsibility very seriously. Their policies and practices in this regard comply with the IFC division of the World Bank, and they will not do business with suppliers who cannot demonstrate their own compliance with the law. They have created a sustainable environment for their staff and provide salaries and benefits which satisfy legal requirements and are in fair alignment with local market rates. All their wood and wood materials come from legally harvested forests with high conservation values. Their furniture is as ethically and environmentally sound as it is beautiful.

Theodore Alexander Furniture
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