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Metal garden furniture has been used in the English garden since the industrial revolution in the 18th century due to the increase in production of iron. Outdoor furniture was initially made in wrought iron but sand casting became more widespread and expert cast iron took over - Liquid iron is poured into moulds, allowed to solidify, then attached to other castings to create the final object. By using this method outdoor furniture in the 19th Century became opulent, and iron became superseded by, the much more expensive, aluminium as availability increased in the 20th Century.

Oxley's outdoor furniture is produced in the Cotswolds by craftsmen with 25 years experience, in designs mostly inspired from the traditional ornate styles rather than the prevalent current fashion for minimalist outdoor furniture. Made from only the highest grade aluminium with great attention given to the finishing process to ensure exceptional and lasting quality.

Quality Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

Aluminium garden furniture is far lighter than iron so chairs and tables can be easily moved. When aluminium is properly treated it does not rust and requires no maintenance to keep it looking good. Also, the quality of aluminium furniture you buy depends entirely on the amount of material that is used in manufacture and the time and care taken to prepare then coat it.  Done the Oxley's way, it will last generations.

In your choice of 21 colours and special finishes

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