Ornate Coral Side Table


This strikingly ornate coral side table features a unique design inspired by Renaissance-era shell-decorated grottos. It has a rounded 'D' shaped top made from flame mahogany, with crossbanding of rosewood for an added touch of luxury and contrast.

The base, cast from gilt metal to resemble a giant clam shell. Supporting the shell are coral-shaped legs that rise from a starfish design, creating a fascinating underwater aesthetic. This dramatic base adds a whimsical and artistic touch, evoking the beauty of oceanic themes.

Combining rich wood and ornate metalwork, this Grotto table is an unusual and eye-catching piece that brings a sense of fantasy and creativity to any space. Its unique design makes it a conversation starter and a captivating addition to both contemporary and traditional settings.

  • Ornate Coral Side Table
  • Gilt Metal.
  • Flame Mahogany.
  • Rosewood.

Width: 69 cm  |  Depth: 44 cm  |  Height: 84 cm

Item code: 5325-001

Tailor this item to your own bespoke requirements.

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