RMS Mauretania Sofa In Zarina Seafoam


The RMS Mauretania Sofa is an original antique from the first class lounge of the famous British ocean liner. 

RMS Mauretania, also known as “The Grand Old Lady of the Atlantic,” was a remarkable ship that graced the seas during the early 20th century. On her maiden voyage, in 1906, she maintained a speed of over 25 knots and captured the prestigious blue Riband which she proceeded to hold for 22 years.

With her sleek design and powerful turbine engines, RMS Mauretania set new standards for ocean travel, offering unparalleled luxury and comfort to her passengers. From her opulent interiors adorned with exquisite craftsmanship to her impeccable service, every aspect of the RMS Mauretania exuded grandeur and sophistication. She symbolized the pinnacle of British engineering and became a representation of pride and innovation.

Unfortunately, after the great depression in 1935, she was broken up and laid in Southampton. At that point in time Roy Stamp, chairman of Biggs of Maidenhead was able to purchase several items from the first-class lounges which are now in our private archived antique collection.

A hundred years on they have inspired our craftsmen to reproduce a limited range of Mauretania sofa and chairs with burr oak show wood, double rattan back and sides, Quollofill seat cushions, and feather scatters which can be found on our upholstery page.

Length 195cm | Height 78cm | Depth 100cm | Seat Height 40cm


Item code: EB601- IS4012/05

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