The Louis Chair in Charcoal


The Louis Chair, an elegant replica of 18th Century French Furniture, reflects the dynamic evolution of styles during this period. In a matter of decades, 18th Century France transitioned from the Baroque style with its opulent furnishings to the Rococo's intricate curves. This ornate period was swiftly succeeded by the Neoclassical era, characterized by straight lines and rigid geometries.

With this in mind, our team hand-carves the Louis Chair, integrating the rope design with foliate decoration throughout the frame. The scroll arms terminate with stylized dolphins. We oil gild it in Dutch metal leaf to enhance the finish, providing durability compared to other techniques. The final touch includes a loose seat cushion with soft foam, ensuring a formal shape and adding support.

Handcrafted and upholstered in Athena Toile in the colour Charcoal, this fabric is a reinterpretation of a 18th Century French neoclassical toile. It beautifully depicts the goddess Athena among ancient oak and native British birds. Furthermore, the striking design is meticulously printed on linen fabric, offering you a choice of four vibrant colour options.

We take pride in building and designing pieces like the Louis Chair in our workshops for over 50 years, therefore continuing to reinforce our commitment to the artistry and craftsmanship of traditional upholstery.

  • The Louis Chair.
  • Louis XVI Furniture.
  • French 18th Century.
  • Hand Upholstered in England.
  • Hand Carved.
  • Available in 4 Colourways.
  • Other fabrics available, price on application.

Width: 72 cm | Depth: 83 cm | Height: 95 cm | Seat height 47 cm

Item Code: EB813AG-WHLTC

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