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A Saruq design carpet with pure silk pile hand woven on a cotton foundation to 256 knots per square inch.  

Saruq rugs originate from the village of Saruq in western Iran, one of the most prominent regions for silk weaving since the 19th century. Internationally popular throughout the 20th century, Saruq carpets are identifiable by their intricate, arabesque floral patterns and combination of blue and red hues.

The original would have been woven in wool but this commission has a pure silk pile woven on a cotton foundation.

A bespoke commission hand woven in: Bhadohi, India

Knot Density: 256 knots per square inch
Materials: Pure silk pile woven on a cotton foundation

This carpet is in production. Due to the complexity of the hand-weaving process, it is expected to be ready April 2022.

Width: 39¼ inches  |  Depth: 79 inches

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