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This large garden statue is 100% hand made from a single block of natural Indonesian river stone, the intricate carving depicting “Dewi Sri” - the Indonesian Rice Goddess - in the ardhapadmasana seated position, or half lotus pose, with her right leg on top of her left.  Her right hand is in front of her chest in the vitarka mudra of teaching.

Dewi Sri is the Goddess of the earth and the Mother of the Javanese and Balinese people.  She is worshipped as the Rice Mother and as the Rice Bride, brings the rain when the monsoon arrives.  She is considered to be the inspirer of Bali’s highly productive method of cooperative rice farming as well as Bali’s master landscaper, protecting and nurturing the rice padi.

This stone statue has been hand carved by highly skilled artisans in Indonesia where an array of religions and beliefs are respected and celebrated by single communities. The goddess Dewi Sri is widely venerated as the great benefactress of the people who protects them against hunger, even in the semi-Islamized regions.

Includes separate decorative plinth as shown.

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