Bespoke Mirrors - Reproducing a Thomas Johnson style mirror


Brights of Nettlebed’s intricate, sophisticated mirrors have been individually designed and created with artisanal craftsmanship for their elegance and for their ability to adorn the walls of the most magnificent interiors. Many of these ornate mirrors are replicas modeled on examples from Brights’ extensive archives, which have been collected and stored by the Stamp family (who still own and run the company) for more than a century. There is a broad range of styles to choose from, all of which are available for bespoke alterations, allowing customers to create pieces which are perfectly suited to their residences.

All Brights of Nettlebed’s mirrors are kiln-dried and treated before being hand-carved in the company’s own workshops in Indonesia. Here, local carvers use traditional practices which have been passed down through generations for centuries, enabling them to hand-craft even the finest details into the frames. The family and team behind Brights of Nettlebed care deeply about responsible manufacture and take steps to ensure that they never contribute to exploitation; therefore, all of the skilled carvers in Indonesia are fairly paid and cared for. The company also works exclusively with wood that has been legally and ethically sourced.

After carving, the mirrors are finished to the highest standards by a gilder. This process is completed either in Indonesia, using Dutch Metal, or transported to Brights’ Devon workshop where they are laid with 23-carat gold leaf using the time-honored technique of water gilding. Every piece put forward by Brights of Nettlebed has been rigorously assessed to ensure that each detail represents the exceptional quality that customers have come to expect from the brand over the past several decades.

For your chance to fully appreciate this selection of mirrors in a beautiful setting, visit Brights of Nettlebed at our showrooms in the picturesque village of Nettlebed near Henley on Thames. Here, there are 32 classically designed rooms showcasing this exclusive range of mirrors among luxury, traditional English furnishings. A friendly team of experts will be happy to help advise you on how to transform your property with one of these magnificent mirrors in a way that complements the existing pieces in your home