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Persian Rug Cleaning Service

We believe our Persian rug cleaning service is superior to most and our team of highly skilled staff undertake the cleaning of all handwoven oriental and contemporary carpets, rugs and runners as well as tapestries, with great care and consideration.  Rugs and runners that are situated in high traffic areas of your home will need cleaning more frequently but we advise cleaning every three years in order to preserve handwoven oriental rugs in the best possible condition.  The majority of handwoven rugs are made from wool and cotton, some are pure wool or pure silk  throughout.  Silk rugs are either pure silk or silk and cotton and we have several rugs that are wool with silk highlights.  We treat all rugs with equal care and consideration although the prices vary a little depending on the amount of time it takes to clean.  For example cleaning a Chinese rug with very thick pile takes more time and effort than a wool and cotton kilim.

The first part of the process is to send the rug through a machine which simulates the old fashioned beating stick.  The vibrations remove the embedded grit and dirt from the foundation of the rug.  We do not use abrasive chemical shampoos as they may damage your rug - even water can make the dye leech and chemicals in some cleaning products actively remove the lanolin from the wool and the sheen of the rug is lost forever.  If you value your rugs please allow the experts to take care of them for you.

For a quotation to clean your hand woven rug please call any of our showrooms

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Specialist deep cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Colour run removal
  • Spot cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Treatment for moth removal
  • Treatment for moth protection
  • We clean all types of oriental rug or contemporary carpet and we are extremely skilled in cleaning pure silk, Chinese and antique pieces.

We would be delighted to quote for cleaning services of all types of oriental rug, traditional handwoven rugs, Antique Persian Carpets, Chinese Carpets, Silk Qums and our quotes include the collection and delivery of your rug.


How long will it take?

Please allow at least three weeks for this service but if you have an urgent requirement we will endeavour to meet your deadline.


A guide to maintaining your persian rug

It is important to follow the proper care techniques to keep these beautiful pieces in good condition. This guide will help you maintain your Oriental rug and preserve its original condition.

With ‘home maintenance’ and regular cleaning, you can keep your rug looking like new even after years of use.  We recommend that rugs are cleaned every two to four years, particularly if your rug is placed in a high-traffic area where it receives a lot of wear and tear. Specialist cleaning in two-year intervals will ensure that it remains in top condition. If you have the rug in a room where there is little traffic, you can probably schedule cleaning once every four years.


Stains can drastically diminish the aesthetic appeal of your rug. If you spill something like red wine, oil or chocolate on your Oriental rug these are particularly difficult to get it out, and we advise that you do not attempt to clean it but enlist the help of a professional. The sooner you combat the stain, the better chance you have of getting rid of it for good. Of course mopping up excess fluid as quickly as possible is essential but do not use detergent which may have chemicals in it that potentially ruin the rug.

Clean up fast

If something spills on your rug, the best chance you have of preventing a stain is to act quickly. You should start by blotting up as much of the stain as possible. Use a clean cloth and start on the outside of the stain, slowly blotting your way in toward the centre. Stain removal is an important aspect of rug care that will keep your piece in top condition. As we have mentioned above do not attempt to remove a stain using harsh chemical products as you may further damage the rug by removing the dyes.  We have experience of removing even the most stubborn stains and so please let us help.

Using a vacuum cleaner

Generally we would advise that an Oriental rug should not be vacuumed as the powerful suction of these machines can ruin the surface of a carefully handmade rug. Some of the fringe can also get stuck in the vacuum, damaging the rug as it starts to unravel. Instead of vacuuming, use a brush to thoroughly sweep away dirt and dust. This is good advice however in the real world everyone vacuums so just be careful that you don’t go too close to the stoppers and edges. Please don’t attempt to use a carpet washer on your rug– these machines will compact the dirt and grit into the foundation and cause the fibres to be cut limiting the life of the rug.


You should also be on the lookout for holes or fraying edges/fringes. If you notice problems like these, it is time to bring the rug in for repair. The stoppers and selvages of the rug are like a frame of a picture and once they start to deteriorate the rug will too. Small holes are evidence of moth damage and should be quickly dealt to curtail the spread. For damage restoration please see our Persian rug repair service.

Rug rotation

We recommend you rotate your rugs every six months and at least every two years – we do not mean move them around the house but simply turn the rug 180 degrees so that there is even wear and tear. This will also limit either side’s exposure to foot traffic and harsh sunlight.


Oriental Rug Repair and Restoration


Brights Of Nettlebed provides oriental rug restoration for antique rugs and carpets as well as contemporary rugs.  Before any restoration takes place our team of highly skilled staff undertake the cleaning of all carpets, rugs and tapestries, with care and consideration.  

Our oriental rug restoration service is very comprehensive and includes:

  • Invisible repairs to holes, burns and tears
  • Repair and restoration of frayed edges and fringes - selvages and stoppers
  • Re-weaving and re-piling of worn areas - often due to moth damage
  • Full restoration of damaged rugs - be it fire, water or spills
  • Exact colour and wool match - important when dealing with antique rugs
  • Fixing curled edges and corners by applying faux leather strips
  • Stretching and size alteration
  • Water damage - restoration of colour
  • Odour removal from pet staining
  • Mould removal 
  • We clean all types of rug or carpet and are extremely skilled in cleaning silk and antique pieces.