A Fine Kashan Hand Woven Silk Pile Carpet


Introducing a fine Kashan hand woven silk pile carpet. Featuring a pure silk pile on a cotton foundation with an impressive 256 knots per square inch.

Inspired by an original piece from our archives, this carpet showcases an intricate eight-point lobed central medallion adorned with hanging lamp pendants. The medallion is set against an indigo field, richly decorated with stylized blossoms, serrated leaves, and leafy tendrils.

Elegant hand woven silk rug, framed with an indigo border, enhancing the overall beauty and sophistication of this exquisite piece.

  • Country of origin: Bhadohi, India
  • Hand Woven Silk Pile Carpet
  • Knot Density: 256 knots per square inch
  • Materials: Pure silk pile woven on a cotton foundation

Width: 143 inches  |  Depth: 105 inches

Width: 365 cm  |  Depth: 267 cm

Item code: P2228

Tailor this item to your own bespoke requirements.

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