Adam Style Demi Lune Console


This Adam-style demi-lune console table is a beautiful example of neoclassical design. Starting with an off-white colour with exquisitely carved and gilded decorations. Its semi-circular shape is topped with black marble that has grey veining, adding a contrast to the light finish. 

The Adam style, named after the famous Scottish architects and designers, the Adam brothers—Robert and James Adam. Active during the late 18th century, and equally important in defining the neoclassical style in Britain. Influencing both architecture and interior design. Their approach characterised by a blend of classical elements, such as fluted columns, garlands, and delicate motifs.

The Adam brothers were known for their comprehensive approach to design, where they not only created architectural plans but also designed furniture, fixtures, and interior decorations to ensure a cohesive and stylish look. Their work had a lasting impact on Regency design. In fact, leading to the widespread adoption of neoclassical elements in British furniture-making.

This demi-lune console table encapsulates the refined aesthetic of the Adam style, with its elegant carvings and gilded accents that bring, in other words, a sense of sophistication and historical charm to your home.

  • Adam Style Demi Lune Console.
  • Neoclassical Design.
  • Hand Carved.
  • Gilded.
  • Black Marble.
  • Based on an Original.

Width: 95 cm  |  Depth: 49 cm  |  Height: 82 cm

Item code: EB951WAG

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