Antique Style Nest of Three Tables in Honey Burr Oak


Introducing our antique style nest of three tables.

Handcrafted to replicate an antique design from our collection. Each table features a top made from decorative honey burr oak veneers. Showcasing the unique patterns and textures of the wood. Ebony stringing outlines the edges, adding a refined touch, while raised ebonised beading adds dimension and definition to the table's borders.

Turned legs provide sturdy support and are elegantly shaped, ending in uniquely designed feet. The stretchers connecting the legs are bowed towards the rear, giving the tables additional stability and a subtle yet distinctive curvature.

This nest of tables combines the warmth and character of honey burr oak with the sophistication of ebony accents. The design allows you to stack the tables when not in use, providing a practical and space-saving solution. These versatile tables are a stylish addition to any room, offering both functionality and timeless elegance.

  • Antique Style Nest of Three Tables.

Largest table / Overall size Width: 49.5 cm  |  Depth: 34.5 cm  |  Height: 74.5 cm
2nd table Width: 45 cm  |  Depth: 32 cm  |  Height: 72.5 cm
3rd table Width: 40 cm  |  Depth: 29.5 cm  |  Height: 70.5 cm

Item code: EB941L

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