Black Chinoiserie Lacquered Serpentine Commode


An exceptional black Chinoiserie lacquered serpentine commode. 

The term "Chinoiserie" originates from the French word "chinois," meaning Chinese. Referring to a style that emerged in the 18th century, characterized by the elements of Chinese, Japanese, and other Asian cultures.

During the 18th century in Britain, China held an aura of mystery as it was perceived as a distant and enigmatic land. Despite increasing trade relations between Britain and China, access to China remained limited, and firsthand experiences of the country were rare. Chinoiserie, therefore, capitalized on these exotic and mysterious perceptions of China.

Artisans hand paint Chinoiserie landscapes and floral motifs onto the tabletop, which features a cast brass floral decoration. Two finely cast brass moulded panelled doors enclose a burgundy interior with one long adjustable shelf.  The scroll uprights with bold Rococo cast brass mounts trail to splayed feet centred by an Rocaille brass mounted apron.

  • Chioniserie
  • Landscape and Floral.
  • Lacquered Serpentine Commode.
  • Unrepeatable Item.

Width: 137 cm  |  Depth: 56 cm  |  Height: 84 cm

Item code: SC61027

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