Cherub cheval mirror - 60in.


Dress in style with Cherub Cheval Mirror - 60in.  This stunning dressing mirror would elevate the look of your bedroom or dressing room.

A giltwood cheval mirror entirely hand carved in mahogany with dutch leaf applied over red gesso with distressed finish.  The design was inspired by a late 19th Century Italian Cheval taken from our family archives.

The mirror comprises various cherubs playing the violin, the harp and the flute, interspered with trailing leaves and ribbons.

The mirror stands on two gilded legs with a mahogany back and lean to.  Imagine dressing in front of this magnificent Cherub Cheval Mirror - 60in.

Width: 29 inches  |  Height: 60 inches

Width: 75.5 cm  |  Height: 152.5 cm

Item code: MR052AG

Tailor this item to your own bespoke requirements.

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