Silver Favourites in style of Alma-Tadema


Introducing our interpretation of "Silver Favourites" in the style of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

The original painting, dating to around 1903, hangs at the Manchester City Galleries and additionally features a verse from Wordsworth's poem "Gold and Silver Fishes in a Vase" on its frame. The poem reflects on the paradox of finding beauty in captivity, equally mirroring the scene depicted in Alma-Tadema's painting.

"Silver Favourites" portrays women in an Ancient Roman setting. Lounging near a large pool with gold and silver fish swimming within. The scene evokes a sense of indolence and slight boredom, as if the women, like the fish, are trapped in a beautiful yet by contrast, confining, world. Alma-Tadema was known for his detailed depictions of everyday life in Ancient Rome. Moreover focusing on the luxury and leisure of the era, which resonated with his Victorian audience.

Despite his popularity, critics accused Alma-Tadema of simply dressing Victorian subjects in Roman togas. However, his diligence and dedication to historical accuracy ensured that his works retained a highbrow appeal. This commissioned interpretation captures the essence of the original, evoking the classical ambiance and careful research that characterized Alma-Tadema's approach.

Blending classical themes with a touch of Victorian sensibility. It celebrates the beauty and complexity of the original, therefore drawing the viewer into the lush and ornate world that Alma-Tadema so expertly portrayed.

  • Oil on Canvas.
  • Silver Favourites in style of Alma-Tadema.
  • Bespoke Handmade Frame.

Width: 122 cm  |  Depth: 8 cm  |  Height: 168.5 cm

Item code: OP104-4LANCRETCGP

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