The Regent's Chair in Bluebell


The Regents chair in sky blue is a creation by Lord Spencer and Althorp Living History, drawing inspiration from a George III original. It perfectly embodies timeless elegance and meticulous craftsmanship.

Firstly, a hand-carved and parcel gilt upholstered chair frame gives support to the bound reed carved top rail. Which connects to high arms, and fluted columns with lapette carved uprights. Continuing with a cushion seat and tight back adorned with a throw pillow, this chair offers both comfort and sophistication. The bound reed carved and flowerhead rail, along with acanthus carved and fluted tapering legs, adds to its captivating aesthetic.

Lastly, upholstered in the stunning, Fiora Bluebell by Wemyss fabric with feather filling, it includes two contrast pillows in baby blue damask silk. This Regents sofa, inspired by a George III original, is an ideal addition to any living space.

This piece is a perfect example of craftsmanship, showcasing a rich history while fitting seamlessly into contemporary living spaces. We are proud to be able to offer pieces like the Regents Chair, and be continuing to offer historical pieces, inspired by George III.

  • The Regents Chair.
  • Feather chair.
  • Blue damask fabric.
  • Timeless & elegant.
  • Inspired by George III original.

Item Code A280-WF/FI27

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