Rudolph Caracciola in the Daimler-Benz W25


An original oil painting. Inspired by a photograph of Rudolph Caracciola driving the Daimler-Benz W25 at the Klausen Pass race in 1934. The scene encapsulates the drama and intensity of 1930s racing, featuring one of the most celebrated drivers of the era at the wheel of a legendary race car.

Rudolph Caracciola was a prominent figure in pre-war Grand Prix racing, renowned for his skill and precision on the track. Winning the European Drivers’ Championship an unsurpassed three times, the pre-1950 equivalent of the modern Formula 1 World Championship.

The Daimler-Benz W25 was a cutting-edge race car developed by Mercedes-Benz, known for its speed and engineering prowess. The Klausen Pass race was a challenging mountain event in Switzerland. Therefore requiring great skill and courage to navigate its steep and winding roads.

The paintings composition reflects the dynamic movement of Caracciola's car as it speeds through the mountainous terrain. Featuring the dramatic backdrop of the Klausen Pass. The meticulous brushwork and attention to detail additionally bring the 1934 racing scene to life, highlighting the excitement and technical mastery involved in this historic event.

A tribute to Rudolph Caracciola and the iconic Daimler-Benz W25. Celebrating their place in the history of motorsport. Appealing equally to fans of vintage racing, classic cars, and those who appreciate the golden age of Grand Prix racing.

Capturing a key moment in racing history but also serving as an artistic homage to the bravery and skill of drivers like Caracciola.

  • Oil on Canvas.
  • Rudolph Caracciola in the Daimler-Benz W25.
  • Bespoke Handmade Frame. 

Width: 139.5 cm  |  Height: 99 cm

Item code: OP703

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