Louis XVI Style Lamp Table

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This Louis XVI style lamp table features Cerejeira wood, known for its warm tones and distinct grain patterns, creating a sophisticated look. The oval top has a brass gallery, offering both style and practicality by preventing items from slipping off the edge.

Beneath the top, there's a frieze drawer for additional storage, seamlessly integrated into the design. The table stands on square, tapering legs with brass capping’s, adding a touch of elegance. These legs are joined by an X-shaped stretcher, providing additional stability and decorative flair.

The design is inspired by the Louis XVI style, characterized by its classic proportions, and refined decorative elements. With fine brass mounts and detailed brass accents, this Cerejeira lamp table brings a touch of timeless elegance to any space.

  • Louis XVI Style Lamp Table.
  • Unrepeatable Item.

Width: 49.5 cm  |  Depth: 34.5 cm  |  Height: 79.5 cm

Item code: 5005-597

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