Madrone Burl Coffee Table


Experience the allure of nature with our Madrone Burl Coffee Table. 

Madrone Burl, sometimes called Strawberry tree or Madrona, is a stunning Pacific hardwood noted for its pink and tan hues, often with red streaks. Freshly cut (green) madrone can be unstable, requiring boiling and careful drying to stabilize the wood. Madrone is renowned for its burl veneer, featuring densely packed clusters of knots and intricate swirled grain patterns.

This stunning piece not only shows off the beautiful burl of the wood, it features 8 straight legs with brass accents, a glass under tier and brass feet.

The brass accents feature beautiful floral and other decorative elements, truly making this piece a cut above the rest. Admire the captivating patterns and textures of the burl wood, a true celebration of natural beauty.

  • Madrone Burl Coffee Table
  • Brass Feet & Accents
  • Glass Under Tier
  • Available Now!

Width: 122 cm  |  Depth: 72 cm  |  Height: 51 cm

Item code: SC51016

Tailor this item to your own bespoke requirements.

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