Mahogany Side Table with Floral Inlay


Introducing a mahogany side table, with floral inlay.

This elegant side table showcases a mahogany and etimoe veneer, bringing warmth and depth to its design. The top features a crossbanding of Morado and Primavera woods, with intricate stringing and a paper twist marquetry pattern. At the centre, a flowerhead roundel with mother of pearl details serves as a focal point, bound in brass, adding a luxurious touch.

The panelled frieze beneath the top has floral brass accents and brass inlays, providing an additional layer of decorative sophistication. The fluted columns supporting the table have acanthus leaf capitals and bases, evoking classical design elements.

A concave-sided under tier, crossbanded with Primavera, connects the columns, offering extra space for display or storage. This floral inlaid side table, takes inspiration from the Empire style, known for its grandeur and neoclassical influences. Its combination of finely detailed inlays, brass accents, and classical elements makes it a refined addition to any room.

  • Mahogany Side Table with Floral Inlay.
  • Unrepeatable Item.

Width: 66.6 cm  |  Depth: 66.6 cm  |  Height: 66.6 cm

Item code: SC50029

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