The Music Party in style of Philip Mercier


Introducing an interpretation of "The Music Party" in the style of Philip Mercier. A celebrated portraitist from the 18th century. Philippe Mercier (1691-1760) was known for his portraiture and additionally served as the principal painter to the Prince of Wales. Also acting as a drawing master to the Princesses for a decade.

This composition portrays a musical gathering involving Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales. As well as three of his younger sisters. In this scene, the 26-year-old Prince plays the cello, accompanied by his sisters.

From left to right, the painting features.

  • Anne, Princess Royal (age 24)
  • Princess Caroline (age 20), plucking a mandora.
  • Princess Amelia (age 22), reading from a book, which is likely Milton.

The original composition features the Dutch House at Kew in the background, with two versions also held at the National Gallery and National Trust. A third version, which is part of the Royal Collection, shows the prince and his sisters indoors.

This commissioned painting by our principal artist, Liu Yingjie, stays true to Mercier's style. Capturing the intimate and harmonious atmosphere of the royal family's musical gathering. The inclusion of classical elements, like the cello and mandora, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Reflecting the refined culture of the British royal court during the 18th century.

This interpretation provides a beautiful glimpse into the lives of the royal family, equally celebrating the talent and creativity that was a part of their daily life. It offers a unique perspective on the artistic and musical interests of the Prince of Wales and his sisters, preserving the spirit and charm of Mercier's original composition.

  • Oil on Canvas.
  • The Music Party in style of Philip Mercier.
  • Bespoke Handmade Frame.

Width: 111 cm  |  Depth: 10 cm  |  Height: 87.5 cm


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