'The Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day' in the style of Canaletto


The "Interpretation of Venice: The Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day" by Canaletto offers a glimpse into one of Venice's most celebrated traditions. The annual Wedding of the Sea ceremony. The painting firstly depicts a view from the Basin of San Marco, with the majestic Doge's Palace to the right. The iconic Santa Maria Della Salute church to the left, overlooking the entrance to the Grand Canal.

An official procession winds its way from the Doge's Palace towards the state barge, also known as the Bucintoro. Amidst the crowd, the ceremonial umbrella of the Doge is visible, signalling the imminent ceremony. The Doge, Venice's highest official, will drop a gold ring into the sea from the Bucintoro. Symbolizing the marriage between Venice and the Adriatic Sea, reinforcing the city's historical connection to its maritime empire.

The Venice: The Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day attention to detail is remarkable, with specific elements such as the arms of Doge Alvise Pisani, who ruled from 1735 to 1741, prominently displayed on the state barge. This element, along with other stylistic cues, indicates that Canaletto's original work likely dates to around 1740.

The scene is vibrant and bustling, filled with boats and a crowd gathering for the annual celebration. This interpretation futhermore captures the grandeur and tradition of Venice during one of its most significant ceremonies. Finally, providing a sense of the city's historical significance and rich cultural heritage.

  • Oil Painting on Canvas.
  • 'Venice: The Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day' in style of Canaletto.
  • Bespoke Handmade Frame.

Width: 165 cm  |  Height: 104 cm

Item code: OP501-CF684117246

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