Wellington at Waterloo in the style of Robert Alexander Hillingford


This specially commissioned oil painting on canvas by our principal artist Liu Yingjie is an interpretation of "Wellington at Waterloo" in the style of Robert Alexander Hillingford. 

The scene depicts Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, leading an Anglo-Dutch-German army during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. This battle marked the first and only time that Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte met on the battlefield. Wellington commanding an army of approximately 73,000 troops, 26,000 of whom were British.

The painting captures the decisive moment of the Waterloo battle, which culminated in Napoleon's defeat, cementing Wellington's status as one of Britain's greatest military heroes. Following his distinguished military career, Wellington returned to politics, serving twice as the British prime minister. He remained a prominent figure in the House of Lords. Also holding the position of Commander-in-Chief of the British Army until his death in 1852.

Liu Yingjie's interpretation stays true to the dramatic style of Hillingford. In emphasizing the intensity of the Battle of Waterloo and Wellington's strategic leadership. The painting not only celebrates the military triumph that ended Napoleon's rule but also pays homage to Wellington's significant role in British history and his legacy.

  • Oil on Canvas.
  • Wellington at Waterloo in style of Robert Alexander Hillingford.
  • Bespoke Handmade Frame.

Width: 133.5 cm  |  Depth: 5.5 cm  |  Height: 88 cm

Item code: OP108

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