Queen Victoria in the style of Sir George Hayter


An oil painting on canvas, meticulously crafted in the likeness of Queen Victora in Sir George Hayter's signature style. Vividly bringing to life the splendour of Queen Victoria's Coronation at Westminster Abbey on June 28, 1838.

The original, commissioned just a year after Hayter assumed the prestigious role of Queen Victoria’s official painter, captures the youthful radiance of the 19 year old Queen. However, his tenure was curtailed after 1842. Hayters royal commissions ceased due to the Queen's evolving preferences.

Originally conceived within the sacred halls of Westminster Abbey. It underwent a transformation, evolving into a more timeless and also regal setting. Today, the original masterpiece finds its rightful place among the illustrious artworks of the Royal Collection. Adorning the walls of the esteemed Royal Dining Room at the Palace of Holyrood house.

Through this painting, viewers are taken back to a pivotal moment in history. Experiencing the majesty of Queen Victoria's Coronation while appreciating the enduring legacy of Sir George Hayter's artistic brilliance.

  • Oil on Canvas.
  • Queen Victoria in style of Sir George Hayter.
  • Bespoke Handmade Frame.

Width: 91.5 cm  |  Depth: 8 cm  |  Height: 109 cm

Item code: OP118A-LANCRET4LEAF

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