Original 19th Century Stone Relief Oil Painting


This is an original 19th-century framed oil painting on canvas depicting three cherubs at play. With a unique twist—the painting is based on a stone relief carving. This intriguing and unusual composition equally blends traditional oil painting techniques with the visual aesthetic of carved stone.

The scene portrays three cherubs engaged in playful activities. A common theme in classical and Renaissance art. The innocent and joyful expressions, captured with delicate brushstrokes. Creating a sense of movement and liveliness. The texture and depth of the stone relief are rendered with remarkable realism, thus adding a tactile dimension to the painting.

The framed oil painting is a compelling combination of classical motifs and innovative artistic interpretation. Its unique approach to merging two different artistic styles—oil painting and stone relief—makes it a fascinating and eye-catching piece. The ornate frame complements the artwork, enhancing its vintage charm and also lending it a sense of historical significance.

This painting would be a beautiful addition to any art collection, offering both aesthetic appeal and the unexpected. Its originality and the skill involved in creating such a detailed and also textured piece, making it a standout work of art.

  • Oil on Canvas.
  • Original Painting.
  • 19th Century Stone Relief Oil Painting.
  • Bespoke Handmade Frame. 

Width: 94 cm  |  Depth: 3.5 cm  |  Height: 88.5 cm

Item code: AU-908565

Tailor this item to your own bespoke requirements.

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