19th Century Japanese Style Table Lamps


Experience a touch of history and elegance with this set of two antiqued brass 19th century japanese style table lamps, beautifully crafted in the form of a traditional Japanese couple. Resting on circular reeded edge bases and crowned with hand-sewn silk shades adorned with stone finials.

Drawing inspiration from original 19th-century Japanese artistry, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and also exquisite craftsmanship of that era. During the 19th century, Japan experienced a period of artistic flourishing. Intricate metalwork and attention to detail captivated collectors worldwide.

Capturing the essence of traditional Japanese aesthetics, blending historical authenticity with timeless charm. These lamps not only serve as functional lighting but also as elegant pieces of art, bringing a sense of refined sophistication and cultural richness to any space.

  • Unrepeatable item

Width: 17¾ inches  |  Depth: 17¾ inches  |  Height: 32¼ inches

Width: 45.7 cm  |  Depth: 45.7 cm  |  Height: 82.6 cm

Item code: 2021-681

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