French Conversation Sofa

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Three-way french conversation sofa, with a solid wood base. Restored to a high standard while keeping the original feel. Upholstered in light tan hide with buttoned seat and arms finished with hand nailing details. This historical piece has been restored by hand in our workshops in England. 

The two-way and three-way French conversation sofa gained immense popularity during France's Second Empire, their birthplace. The two-seater, dubbed "le confidant", served for confidential discussions, often between political confidants. Sporting a propeller-like design, the three-way french conversation sofas earned the name "indiscret", paying homage to the third person intruding into private conversations. The Emperor Napoleon strategically placed in his ministers' Louvre apartments, seemingly encouraging advisors and subjects to eavesdrop on one another. 

  • Unique 
  • Historical
  • Brown Leather
  • Buttoned Seat
  • 3-seat Conversation Sofa
  • French Furniture 
  • Hand Nailing
  • Made by hand
  • Restored in England

Height: 65cm | Width: 130cm | Seat Depth: 40cm | Seat Height: 57cm


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