Neoclassical Ebony Side Table with Glass Top


A beautiful neoclassical Ebony side table, with an inlayed glass top. 

Ebony's colour, durability, hardness, and capacity to achieve a high polish make it suitable for various applications, including cabinetwork, inlaying, piano keys, knife handles, and turned articles. Ancient Indian kings utilized ebony for sceptres and images, as well as drinking cups, due to its reputed resistance to poison.

The top with bevelled tempered glass inset to an Ebony Amara veneered frame with hand carved rope perimeter finished in silver metal leaf. The square reeded legs taper to a matching veneered oval under tier with inset stainless-steel stringing, joined by shaped stretchers. This neoclassical ebony side table is always loving handmade, creating a stunning focal point for any interior.

We take pride in building and designing pieces like these side tables, in our workshops for over 50 years. Therefore, continuing to reinforce our commitment to the artistry and craftsmanship of traditional fine furniture.

  • Neoclassical Ebony Side Table.
  • Inlayed Glass Top.
  • Traditional English Furniture.
  • Made by hand.
  • Designed in the UK.

Width: 71.8 cm  |  Depth: 52 cm  |  Height: 61 cm

Item code: ADA-011-AE

Tailor this item to your own bespoke requirements.

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