Louis XV style Green Marble table lamp

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Height: 97cm | Width: 56cm

A Louis XV style table lamp with an urn body in green marble with finely cast bronze snake-handles which are electrophoretically plated with a dye for a lasting gold appearance. The lamp is finished with a purposely designed, hand-stitched silk shade, and gold twisted wire power cord with UK mains plug.  The processes involved to make this beautiful table lamp are incredibly labour-intesive, requiring great skill.

From a collection of finest quality table lamps, hand-made using lost wax casting to create jewellery-quality pieces to satisfy the most discerning curators of luxury interiors. All intricate bronze work is initially hand carved in jewellery wax by incredibly skilled artists in Jaipur, India. The carving then undergoes several intensive processes to create a negative image in refractory plaster – in which the molten metal is poured. The vacuum created in the semi-permeable plaster pulls the bronze into the cavities leaving a fine cast jewellery-quality piece which is individually hand finished, including ciselage to the Paris premium standard. 

Electrophoretic and silver plating is partnered with natural materials of marble and semi-precious stones - such as Malachite, Rock Crystal, Red Jasper, and Obsidian - which are cut into slices and created into shapes of vases and columns. For pieces of this quality, the finishes touches are extremely important. Silk shades are hand sewn in customised colours to complement the base, and double insulated twisted gold power cord is fitted where appropriate.


Item code: LO4GM(VM)

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