'Otho, with John Larkin Up' in the style of George Stubbs


This oil painting is an interpretation of "Otho, with John Larkin Up" in the style of George Stubbs. Based on the original dated 1768. Otho was a racehorse of moderate success until 1767, the final year of his racing career, when he secured several victories at Newmarket. This portrait, featuring the mounted jockey John Larkin beside one of the rubbing-down houses at Newmarket, likely commissioned to celebrate these triumphs.

Stubbs was often commissioned to paint standard horse portraits for proud owners. However, even within these conventional subjects, he elevated the genre to a poetic level. The painting showcases Otho and John Larkin bathed in sunlight, creating a striking contrast against the gathering storm clouds. This subtle atmospheric effect evokes the tension and excitement of the racing world, suggesting that the sunlight may be fleeting.

The rendering of Otho's form and elegance of John Larkin reflects Stubbs’s mastery of anatomy and his ability to infuse his subjects with life. The landscape, with its gentle undulations and the iconic rubbing-down house, provides a fitting backdrop that enhances the overall composition.

This interpretation not only honors Stubbs’s original work but also celebrates the spirit of 18th-century horse racing. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of equine portraiture and the skill of George Stubbs. Capturing the dynamic relationship between horse and rider.

  • Oil on Canvas. 
  • 'Otho, with John Larkin Up' in the style of George Stubbs.
  • Bespoke Handmade Frame.

Width: 93 cm  |  Height: 78 cm

Item code: OP406-642795112

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