Raby Castle, the Seat of the Earl of Darlington in the style of JMW Turner


This interpretation of "Raby Castle, the Seat of the Earl of Darlington" in the style of JMW Turner. Capturing the essence of one of Turner's earlier works when he specialised in landscapes.

The original painting, commissioned by the third Earl of Darlington, an enthusiastic sportsman known to hunt six days a week. This detail likely influenced Turner's initial depiction, which firstly featured a mounted huntsman in the foreground. However, when the painting was first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1818, it was criticised as a "detestable fox-hunting scene". Prompting Turner to paint over the huntsman.

Raby Castle, dating back to 1380, located in County Durham, England, within a 200 acre deer park near Staindrop. Constructed by John Neville, the 3rd Baron Neville de Raby, between 1367 and 1390. Therefore, making it an iconic feature of the English landscape.

This interpretation of Raby Castle in the style of JMW Turner, retains the grandeur and additionally, the historical significance of Raby Castle. Emphasizing its architectural detail and the surrounding natural beauty. Capturing the atmospheric elements characteristic of Turner's work, with a focus on light, shadow, and the landscape's expansive vistas.

Lastly, by reimagining this scene without the controversial huntsman, the painting highlights the castle's imposing presence and serene environment. Therefore, celebrating the historic and picturesque qualities of this remarkable English landmark.

  • Oil on Canvas.
  • Raby Castle, the Seat of the Earl of Darlington in style of JMW Turner.
  • Bespoke Handmade Frame.

Width: 138 cm  |  Height: 98 cm

Item code: OP303-666126000

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